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Thank you & Survey Results Update
On behalf of the Senior Citizen Advisory Council, I want to thank each of the 356 people who responded to our “2022 Needs Assessment / Survey.” Over 1,300 comments, suggestions, and recommendations were offered, providing the Council with important data that will guide our efforts. Moving forward, at each subsequent Council meeting, a specific survey area will be addressed. Relevant Township departmental or entity representatives will be invited to attend and participate in these discussions. While we realize that some topics will require additional time for review and discussion, initial review efforts will focus on areas where Council advisement could result in more immediate, tangible results. Again, thank you for your participation and support. Scott Selkowitz, Chairperson Senior Citizen Advisory Council

Survey Results Update: Webpage : “Information for Seniors”

87% of total respondents indicated that it was relevant and important, individually and for the Senior Community as a whole, to modify the Township website linking Seniors to a specific resource page—preferably through a dedicated Icon link.